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Our Specialties


Whole Wheat Bread.

Lachha Paratha

Flaky and Layered Whole Wheat Bread.

Aloo Paratha **

Bread stuffed with spiced Potatoes.

Paneer Kulchha **

 Bread Stuffed with Medium Spiced Minced Home Made Cheese.

Plain Naan

Popular Royal Indian Bread.

Muglai Naan

Bread Stuffed with Nuts, Raisins, and Fresh Fruits Paste.

Garlic Naan

Stylish Indian Bread with Roasted Garlic.

Onion Kulchha **

Medium Spicy Onions Stuffed in  Bread with Fresh Corianders.

Butter Naan

Flaky layered of Royal Indian Bread with Butter.